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SIMERF serves the industry and academia in providing, support for value addition in the areas of training and development, marketing research and other programs
Attempt to define your career and goals by what you can give to the society not by just what you can get!
For whatever you have is a return on what was given.
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization
Enlightenment- the perfect way to continuous bliss and fulfillment in life is the basis for the genesis of SIMERF. In this new millennium, an enlightened management style coupled with a strong and committed work force is the need of every economy, that attempts to harness technology with knowledge management.
SIMERF's vision is to aid and enhance value by integrating technology, and knowledge management for inspiring and leading corporate and personal lives towards their great goals.
FOUNDER - Director
Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Kumar Jayaram founder
Prof. VKJ
Former Manager in AT&T United States, more than 20 years of experience in industry and academics, visits leading B Schools, Resource person for corporate Training and Development programs in the areas of Retailing, NLP and Stress Elimination techniques. Member of Computer Society of India, Madras Management Association and The International Theosophical Society.

What you can do through SIMERF?

As an individual : Attend workshops in latest value addition realms conducted by renowned trainers from the industry and academia.
Get Post Graduate value addition certificates, which are industry recognized.
Donate or participate in increasing the management awareness and knowledge in the underdeveloped or developing regions of your country.

As a Company / Organization : Get the best academic Institution or University to join hands in developing your employees in house learning programs. Strengthen your marketing intelligence towards research programs.

As an University / Institution / School head : Get a large / leading organization to sponsor your educational research or other development programs for your academia.


  • Get the latest in Management Education, supported by a network of world class professionals and Professors to score in your business or career

  • We use the best management tools for market research as any other leading group

  • No overheads, therefore SIMERF gives maximum value for your money

  • Because a portion of the residual income goes to Charity / Social causes

  • Because you want to develop, so do we, by integrating, connecting and value sharing

  • SIMERF is there to stay with you during your tough times, through service recovery and hunting for the best units that will provide a solution to your situation

  • Last but not the least SIMERF Saves time for you with your purpose in line, to find out how? contact us / join us